Ignite vs mongo db

  1. what are the main differences between ignite apache and mongo db?

  2. is mongo db a data base that we keep in disk and ignite a memory we keep in Ram ?

  3. and can you use them together? if yes, how will you combine them?

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  1. If not to go into details, Ignite supports key-value and SQL access, while Mongo supports document-based access. Ignite supports transactions, while Mongo is eventually consistent. Ignite supports memory-only and memory with disk while Mongo only supports memory with disk
  2. Starting version 2.0 Ignite provides it's own distributed persistence. Once the native persistence is enabled it will store a superset of all the data on disk. RAM will hold a subset or the same set of data for the sake of in-memory performance.
  3. In addition to the native persistence, Ignite can use a 3rd party disk-based database including MongoDB. However, you have to consider the following limitations if you decide to use MongoDB instead of the native persistence in Ignite.
  • what is the difference between key-value and and document based access? isn't the same? – Ohad Oct 15 '17 at 6:19

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