I have created a Multi device application on my Delphi 10.2 Tokyo and dropped a TRectangle with these properties

  object Rectangle1: TRectangle
    Fill.Kind = None
    Position.X = 56.000000000000000000
    Position.Y = 104.000000000000000000
    Size.Width = 225.000000000000000000
    Size.Height = 273.000000000000000000
    Size.PlatformDefault = False
    Stroke.Color = claChartreuse
    Stroke.Thickness = 30.000000000000000000

well in Windows it looks normal where in android it looks weird

enter image description here enter image description here so how can i fix this issue . Thanks in advance

Delphi basic Trectangle Use openGL to draw on the screen. well i see sometime very strange think with openGL geometrie on some devices (like line draw on the bottom of the screen are more fat that the same line draw on the top of the screen). it's depend of the device of course, and the quality of the device. maybe what you see is also part of this strange behavior. try to change the Form.quality params to see if it's can help, and also the Stroke.Cap and Stroke.Join.

anyway what i can gave you as a solution, is to not use Trectangle (that by the way is very slow to draw with round corner) but instead use TalRectangle from Alcinoe

NOTE: you must also know that Tokyo must be avoid for any android developpement and you must use instead Berlin

  • I have already tampered with cap and join and quality too but it stills the same – user3374161 Oct 13 '17 at 12:55
  • try fastly with TALRectangle in Alcinoe and say me it's it's change something ... – loki Oct 13 '17 at 17:19

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