This problem has been solved but not for datatables with many rows.

Answered here for small datatables.

This example app works perfectly, except you will notice if you change the number of rows to display to a large number (10,000), it takes a long time to load.

I identified this problem to be occurring in for loop in the shinyInput() function. This is what causes it to take so long.

Is there a way around this? How do you generate 10,000 checkbox variables quicker?

  list(ui = fluidPage(numericInput(inputId = 'n', value = 100, label = 'No. of rows'), DT::dataTableOutput('x1'), verbatimTextOutput('x2')),
       server = function(input, output) {
         # create a character vector of shiny inputs
         shinyInput = function(FUN, len, id, ...) {
           inputs = character(len)
           for (i in seq_len(len)) {
             inputs[i] = as.character(FUN(paste0(id, i), label = NULL, ...))

         # obtain the values of inputs
         shinyValue = function(id, len) {
           unlist(lapply(seq_len(len), function(i) {
             value = input[[paste0(id, i)]]
             if (is.null(value)) NA else value

         # a sample data frame
         res = reactive({

             v1 = shinyInput(numericInput, input$n, 'v1_', value = 0),
             v2 = shinyInput(checkboxInput, input$n, 'v2_', value = TRUE),
             v3 = rnorm(input$n),
             v4 = sample(LETTERS, input$n, TRUE),
             stringsAsFactors = FALSE

         # render the table containing shiny inputs
         output$x1 = DT::renderDataTable(
           res(), server = FALSE, escape = FALSE, selection = 'none', options = list(
             preDrawCallback = JS('function() { Shiny.unbindAll(this.api().table().node()); }'),
             drawCallback = JS('function() { Shiny.bindAll(this.api().table().node()); } ')
         # print the values of inputs
         output$x2 = renderPrint({
           data.frame(v1 = shinyValue('v1_', input$n), v2 = shinyValue('v2_', input$n))
  launch.browser = T
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    Generating thousands of these will be slow no matter what (or you could pre-generate in the global environment). Could you just use DT's row selection feature? Or do they have to be checkboxes? There is a DataTables extension that adds checkbox styles to columns, which would be much more efficient if you just want something that looks like a checkbox. – greg L Oct 11 '17 at 3:51

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