First I want to quickly give some background. What I want to achieve eventually is to train a fully connected neural network for a multi-class classification problem under tensorflow framework.

The challenge of the problem is that the size of training data is huge (~ 2 TB). In order for the training to work under limited memory, I want to save training set into small files and use mini-batch gradient descent algorithm to train the model. (Each time only one or a few files are loaded into the memory).

Say now I already have two data frames with processed data, one with X_train (7 million entries * 200 features with column names) and one with training_y (7 million entries * 1 label). How can I efficiently save this into TFrecord files, keeping column names, row index, etc, and I may want to have each file to contain say 100,000 entries? I know that with everything under TFrecord I can utilize some of the neat shuffling and batching functionalities implemented in tensorflow. I probably need a very efficient way to write such records because later on I will need to write 2TB of data into this file format.

I tried to search "How to write pandas data frame to TFRecords" on Google but didn't get any luck on good examples. Most examples ask me to create a tf.train.Example column by column, row by row and write to tfrecord file using tf.python_io.TFRecordWriter. Just want to confirm this is best of what I can get here.

If you have other suggestions for the problem I am trying to solve, it will be much appreciated too!

  • Did you find a solution to your problem? I need to do the same thing, I just have 33.000 features with multiple column names. – TasosGlrs Jun 13 at 9:34

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