Curious if you might offer advice on the following.

I have data in a text file in this form:

"    var1a"
"        var1a_descrp1"
"            thing"
"    var1b"
"        var1b_descrp2"
"            thing"
"        var1b_descrp3"
"            thing1"
"            thing2"
"        var1b_descrp4"
"    var2a"
"        var2a_descrp1"
"    var2b"
"        var2b_descrp1"
"            thing"
"        var2b_descrp1"
"            thing1"
"            thing2"
"            thing3"

White spaces go a max depth of 12 spaces, or "three levels" deep.

And I'd love to cleanly parse this into a list structure of something like the following structure:

[1] "thing"

[1] "thing"

[1] "thing1"

[1] "thing2"


[1] "thing1"

[1] "thing2"

[1] "thing3"

I have a pretty convoluted set of while loops and if-else statements I'd love to clean up.

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