I'm using System.Linq.Dynamic.Core and EntityFramework library to generate a query like this:

var q = context.Items.Select("new(SomeProperty)")

The q is of type IQueryable at the moment. I can successfully apply OrderBy, Take, Skip and then execute the query.

But if I try to use the extension method from Kendo, things go south:

var results = q.ToDataSourceResult(new DataSourceRequest())

I get an Exception:


Unknown LINQ expression of type 'Dynamic'.

I know that the ToDataSourceResult method adds the OrderBy, Take and Skip to the IQueryable to do the paging so that's the most likely source of the problem (it does create a dynamic expression if the object is object or IDynamicMetaObjectProvider)

Any idea how to workaround this?


You could also try this package https://github.com/StefH/KendoGridBinderEx which is created for Kendo Grid queries and uses System.Linq.Dynamic.Core

  • github.com/StefH/KendoGridBinderEx uses GPL license hence only suitable for Open source projects which is counter intuitive as Kendo components are licensed per developer hence only used in closed source projects. – Maulik Modi Mar 20 '20 at 5:02

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