{ "db2": { "name": "db2", "db2inst.instname": "db2inst1", "db2inst.password": "password", "image.pullPolicy": "IfNotPresent", "image.repository": "na.cumulusrepo.com/db2dg/db2server", "image.secret":"...", "image.tag": "v11.1.2fp2_nonroot", "license": "accepted", "service.externalPort": "50000", "service.internalPort": "50000", "service.name": "db2", "service.type": "ClusterIP", "storage.class": "anything", "storage.size": "5Gi" } }

default-db2-db2-pv-claim default Bound 5Gi RWX

data Hostpath 10Gi RWX Recycle Bound default/default-db2-db2-pv-claim 2017-10-11T11:3 ...

  • What is the error? You need to paste some error logs with a brief description of the error for someone to help you. – Manglu Oct 13 '17 at 1:35

There isn't enough detail here to describe your problem.

  • What were you doing when you hit this error?

  • How did the error manifest itself? Was it a problem with DB2 deploying? Was it a problem with your configuration of storage?

  • What information was available from the helm status {release} command?

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