What I'm trying to achieve is the following: coworkers are in group @coworkers, clients are in group @clients.

The Git repo shall be available to read and write for everyone, but there shall be special branches. i.e. I create a new branch "intern" and @coworkers shall have RW+ acces, but clients should NOT be able to R or W.

I thought i can achieve that by

repo myrepo
    -    intern    = @clients
    RW+            = @clients @coworkers

But this does not work.


According to a discussion with the author of gitolite, read access restriction is not possible for branches:

Gitolite's per-branch stuff works only for write access. It doesn't work for read access because git itself does not support making that distinction.

  • Restricting read access is not possible in git by design - when cloning you must always fetch the complete repository, there's just no way around it (without fundamentally changing how git operates).
    – sleske
    Jul 6 '12 at 9:42
  • 1
    It is now possible with the partial-copy feature of the latest version of gitolite. Check my answer below. Jun 24 '14 at 14:26

It is now possible to restrict read access to gitolite branches with the latest version of gitolite v3.x using the partial-copy feature of gitolite

  1. Be sure to use the latest gitolite version
  2. uncomment the partial-copy line in the ENABLE section of the ~/.gitolite.rc file
  3. set $GIT_CONFIG_KEYS = '.*' in the ~/.gitolite.rc file
  4. Use the partial-copy option to have another repository which is a copy of your original repository but without some branches.

Example: if you want the client to only have access to the deploy branch

repo    my-repo
    RW+     =   @coworkers

repo    my-repo-deploy
    RW  deploy  =   @clients
    -           =   @clients

    -   VREF/partial-copy           =   @all
    config gitolite.partialCopyOf   =   my-repo

if git complain that it cannot delete the master branch you can use this command on the server:

sudo git config --system receive.denyDeleteCurrent warn
sudo git config --global receive.denyDeleteCurrent warn

The clients can now clone the deploy branch of the my-repo-deploy repository with a command like this:

git clone -b deploy git@your-server:my-repo-deploy

I'm not a gitolite expert, but I think the rules are processed in order. Have you tried simply reversing the last two lines? That is, grant permission to @clients and @coworkers first, and then secondly deny access to intern by @clients.

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