I am running the npm install -g @angular/cli command from the command window in admin mode and I am getting the following error message:

npm ERR! 401 Unauthorized: @angular/cli@latest

A co worker of mine has no issues with this command and I have run the command in months past. I also have disconnected my land line and went wireless on multiple networks (some with security and some without) but I still get this error?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve?


I had the same issue, tried reinstalling node&npm via nvm-windows to no avail. Eventually I found out that I had apparently logged into npm a long time ago and that account was blocked/expired/I don't care. After running "npm logout" I was able to install the package again. Interestingly, it was only returning 401 for some packages, @angular/cli included.


Uninstall your nodejs version and install the version 6.11.4. https://nodejs.org/en/

Check that your npm version is 3.1x.xx

  • I did as you asked. node -v 6.11.4; npm -v 5.3.0 I still have same issue. – Timothy Ingledue Oct 11 '17 at 18:14
  • I said npm version should be 3.1x.xx not 5.x run npm install npm@3.10.10 -g – Melchia Oct 11 '17 at 18:18

I was getting the same error, but on a different package, when using npm with a .npmrc file going through an Azure DevOps registry. The problem was that my credentials expired and had to run the command again to get a new token:

vsts-npm-auth -config .npmrc

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