My Application class in package and my controller class package. I tried to call get method in controller class, but it is not calling.

public class IssueTrackerApplication {
    public static void main(final String[] args) {
        System.out.println("coming here.0000..");, args);

My controller class is:

public class IssueTrackingController { 
    @RequestMapping(value = "/hello", method = RequestMethod.GET) 
    public String hello() { 
        return "hello"; 
  • my controller class is @RestController public class IssueTrackingController { @RequestMapping(value ="/hello" , method = RequestMethod. GET ) public String hello() { return "hello"; } } – WPS Oct 11 '17 at 15:51
  • 1
    Have you taken a look at the startup of Spring Boot in the log if you can see your defined end point ...? – khmarbaise Oct 11 '17 at 16:11
  • how do you call the hello method? – Simon Martinelli Oct 11 '17 at 17:22
  • When the application is up and you put a debug point in a line in the controller, do you see a green tick? Or an empty green box? – ahmetcetin Oct 11 '17 at 20:32
  • add basepackage in application class like: @SpringBootApplication(scanBasePackages ={"package"}) so it can find in particular package path. – Harsh Oct 12 '17 at 5:07

I suggest to try to follow an official tutorial from Spring: - maybe it helps.

The other thing is - try not to return String from the method, but return an object instead. Spring Boot converts POJO classes to JSON.

Hope this helps :)

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