I am using dplyr and ifelse to create a new column based on two conditionals with the data below.

dat <- structure(list(GenIndID = c("BHS_034", "BHS_034", "BHS_068", 
"BHS_068", "BHS_068", "BHS_068", "BHS_068", "BHS_068", "BHS_068", 
"BHS_068", "BHS_068"), IndID = c("BHS_034_A", "BHS_034_A", "BHS_068_A", 
"BHS_068_A", "BHS_068_A", "BHS_068_A", "BHS_068_A", "BHS_068_A", 
"BHS_068_A", "BHS_068_A", "BHS_068_A"), Fate = c("Mort", "Mort", 
"Alive", "Alive", "Alive", "Alive", "Alive", "Alive", "Alive", 
"Alive", "Alive"), Status = c("Alive", "Mort", "Alive", "Alive", 
"MIA", "Alive", "MIA", "Alive", "MIA", "Alive", "Alive"), Type = c("Linked", 
"Linked", "SOB", "SOB", "SOB", "SOB", "SOB", "SOB", "SOB", "SOB", 
"SOB"), SurveyID = c("GYA13-1", "GYA14-1", "GYA13-1", "GYA14-1", 
"GYA14-2", "GYA15-1", "GYA16-1", "GYA16-2", "GYA17-1", "GYA17-3", 
"GYA15-2"), SurveyDt = structure(c(1379570400, 1407477600, 1379570400, 
1407477600, 1409896800, NA, 1462946400, 1474351200, 1495519200, 
1507010400, 1441951200), tzone = "", class = c("POSIXct", "POSIXt"
))), row.names = c(NA, 11L), .Names = c("GenIndID", "IndID", 
"Fate", "Status", "Type", "SurveyID", "SurveyDt"), class = "data.frame")

> dat
   GenIndID     IndID  Fate Status   Type SurveyID   SurveyDt
1   BHS_034 BHS_034_A  Mort  Alive Linked  GYA13-1 2013-09-19
2   BHS_034 BHS_034_A  Mort   Mort Linked  GYA14-1 2014-08-08
3   BHS_068 BHS_068_A Alive  Alive    SOB  GYA13-1 2013-09-19
4   BHS_068 BHS_068_A Alive  Alive    SOB  GYA14-1 2014-08-08
5   BHS_068 BHS_068_A Alive    MIA    SOB  GYA14-2 2014-09-05
6   BHS_068 BHS_068_A Alive  Alive    SOB  GYA15-1       <NA>
7   BHS_068 BHS_068_A Alive    MIA    SOB  GYA16-1 2016-05-11
8   BHS_068 BHS_068_A Alive  Alive    SOB  GYA16-2 2016-09-20
9   BHS_068 BHS_068_A Alive    MIA    SOB  GYA17-1 2017-05-23
10  BHS_068 BHS_068_A Alive  Alive    SOB  GYA17-3 2017-10-03
11  BHS_068 BHS_068_A Alive  Alive    SOB  GYA15-2 2015-09-11

More specifically, grouping by GenIndID I want to make a new date field that is the max SurveyDt based on a two conditionals for Type and Fate. Additionally, I want the max date to only evaluate SurveyDt when Status == Alive. My code below produces all NA values, rather than the described date field for BHS_068 which meets all of the specified conditionals.

I recently saw case_when which may be appropriate here, but I could not implement it correctly.

dat %>% group_by(GenIndID) %>%
  mutate(NewDat = as.POSIXct(ifelse(Type == "SOB" & Fate == "Alive", max(SurveyDt[Status == "Alive"], na.rm = F), NA), 
                             origin='1970-01-01', na.rm=T)) %>%

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Can you provide a table showing how the desired output would look like? – Cris Oct 11 '17 at 19:53

If you want to stick with dplyr and use case_when you'll have to make sure than your values for each of the case statements are the same type.

In this case your TRUE value will be datetime, so you have to make the default value a datetime as well by wrapping it in as.POSIXct.

dat %>%
  group_by(GenIndID) %>%
  mutate(NewDat = case_when(Type == "SOB" & Fate == "Alive" ~ max(SurveyDt[Status == "Alive"], na.rm = TRUE),
                            TRUE ~ as.POSIXct(NA, origin = "1970-01-01")))

Using ifelse

dat %>%
  group_by(GenIndID) %>%
  mutate(NewDat = ifelse(Type == "SOB" & Fate == "Alive", 
                         max(SurveyDt[Status == "Alive"], na.rm = TRUE), 
                         as.POSIXct(NA, origin = "1970-01-01")))
  • I am not tied to case_when if the same result is possible with ifelse as I am more familiar with that syntax. – B. Davis Oct 11 '17 at 20:08
  • For case_when is the TRUE ~ as.POSIXct(NA, origin = "1970-01-01" providing the else portion of an ifelse? That is, the fill for the rows where the specified conditions are not met. I was not able to interpret this from the help file (with my r ability...). – B. Davis Oct 11 '17 at 20:18

We could use data.table. After converting to data.table (setDT(dat)), specify the i as the logical comparison, grouped by 'GenIndID', we assign (:=), the max of 'SurveyDt' where the 'Status' is "Alive" to 'NewDat'

setDT(dat)[Type == "SOB" & Fate == "Alive",
         NewDat := max(SurveyDt[Status == "Alive"], na.rm = TRUE), GenIndID]

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