I'd like to use the Envato API to download a list of plugins for WordPress available on Code Canyon. However I have been unable to find a way to do so.

For example, I tried to use a get /search/item per their documentation using the parameter category and setting it to "wordpress" however this returned a number of results but nowhere near the 6,040 the site says it has.

The document also mentions the "category code" is what I should be entering as the parameter for "category" but it never defines the category code - unfortunately, this seems common throughout the documentation - there isn't any definition. Another example of this is calling get /catalog/collection. The parameter required is "id" which it describes as "The numeric ID of the collection to return" - but what numeric ID? This one wasn't hard to figure out, if you open a collection the url looks like:


And the numeric portion is the ID...but I sure could wish for more definitions or examples of what the parameters should look like. :-)

I looked around, but didn't find anything helpful on the web nor does there appear to be a forum hosted by Envato for discussing the API.

Any help is appreciated!

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    I did a same thing with all new themeforest wordpress theme with the API defined here: build.envato.com/api – Tristup Oct 12 '17 at 8:15
  • @Tristup - How? That is what I'm not understanding. – Dave Mackey Oct 12 '17 at 15:30

Please find the code which I did to fetch data from envato API :

var themeforest_api="http://marketplace.envato.com/api/v2/new-files:themeforest,wordpress.json";
        $.getJSON( themeforest_api, {
            format: "json"
            }).done(function( data ) {
                var html='';
                $.each( data['new-files'], function( i, item ) {

                     html=html+'<li><a href="'+item.url+'" target="_blank"><img src="'+item.thumbnail+'"></a></li>';
                     if ( i === 8 ) {
                      return false;
            $("#all_items").append( html );           

Hope it will help you for your one too.

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