I am using Pandas Dataframe to generate an Excel file where the cells will store the hyperlink. I am pretty positive that the HYPERLINK functions are valid.

def gen_link(sheet, cell, text):
    a utility function to generate the hyper link
    data = {
        'sheet': sheet,
        'cell': cell,
        'text': text
    value = '=HYPERLINK("#{sheet}!{cell}","{text}")'.format(**data)
    value = value.upper()
    return value

However, when I open the output file in Excel, all the links looks unevaluated. I have to go to the cell, highlight the content and hit enter to activate it.

The documentation of to_excel does not provide that much information and I am wondering if the community knows the answer.

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Consider the following demo:

writer = pd.ExcelWriter('d:/temp/a3.xlsx')

df.to_excel(writer, index=False)

book = writer.book

ws = book.worksheets()[0]

ws.write_formula('A1', '=HYPERLINK("http://www.google.com", "Google")')


PS you may also want to check worksheet.write_url() method

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