The docs: https://github.com/bvaughn/react-virtualized/blob/master/docs/WindowScroller.md#updateposition

But I checkout the source: https://github.com/bvaughn/react-virtualized/blob/master/source/WindowScroller/WindowScroller.js

It's not a public method, so how can I use this method to update scroll position when other element size changed?


But I checkout the source...It's not a public method

It's right here and it has some unit tests too.

To use it you'll need to set a ref to WindowScroller. Here's a minimal example of what I mean:

class YourComponent extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (

  _setRef = ref => {
    this.windowScrollerRef = ref;

  someOtherMethod() {
    // Assuming you've mounted, you can access public methods like:

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