I have deployed graphite with nginx some time ago, with chef, but didn't froze versions to be installed. Thus now, trying to install with the same recipe i get errors because of missing something related to versions.

I need to find what version of Graphite I have installed on my other CentOS machines, to be able to figure out how to repair recipe.

Thank you.



I had the same issue. I solved it running a pip list, which displays every package you installed with pip. You can also run pip show graphite-web or pip show whisper to get more specific information.


If you have web access to the Graphite installation, you can also see the currently running version under the /version/ path.

  • When I run this I get the wepapp version 1.1.0-dev. Is this the same as the graphite version? – gpullen Apr 5 '18 at 7:35

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