I am facing a problem, which is that i want to set all the MQ details for MQ node in IBM Integration Bus from ESQL file. As I have all the MQ details are setup in database so I would get details from there and set to MQ node so the messages will go to queue dynamically.

I read some stuff about LocalEnvironment variables I have set it in ESQL file but the values of those variables are not reflecting on MQ node. Below is the way I am setting up my node property;

SET OutputRoot.MQMD.ReplyToQ = 'AMLQUEUE2';

As I am using 'MQReply' Node for sending messages. I would like to set the hostname because I am looking for the hostname property but its not there I think. Please help.

This ReplyToQ only works with you are using MQReply Node to output the message.

For setting a dynamic destination queue you must use "Destination List" in a MQOutput Node.

In the MQOutput Documatation search for Destination Mode --> MQOutput

For populating the Local Environment for setting a destination list see the addToMQDestinationList procedure.

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