I know this is a very stupid question, but I'm really confused about knowing how many EntityManagers and DataSources do I actually have.

Here's some premises:

  • I have a multi module project using maven.
  • I'm working with InteliJ IDEA as my IDE
  • I do have 2 differents DataSources configured in my project and they work properly

    datasourceA.url=jdbc:sqlserver://\INSTANCE:1433;databaseName=bdNumberA datasourceA.username=user datasourceA.password=password datasourceA.driverClassName=com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver

    datasourceB.url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@ datasourceB.username=user datasourceB.password=password datasourceB.driver-class-name=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver

  • This two DataSources, have a DataSource, LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean and a PlatformTransactionManager configurated Beans. As I said, the two DataSources work perfectly and are well configurated.

So.. the thing is that I added support for JPA persistence view and now, I'm very confused because it shows me this:

enter image description here

So, for example even if in my code I just have two DataSources configured it shows me that in every one of the modules I do have 3 EntityManager Beans..

I don't know if that is just a visual thing but Why do it show a third EntityManager and also, why is that repeating in every module even if a just have one of them configured for every module??

I hpe its just visual, otherwise can you provide me a way to check how many EntityManagers do I have configured?

thank you very much for read my stupid question :)

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