I have a spinrg boot app where my frontend code is placed inside the static folder, and everything works great there.

I develop my frontend source outside my spring project and build it to the static folder.

When I run my spring boot app, the frontend works great and the login stores a cookie named JSESSIONID then my API requests work.

The problem is that when I develop my frontend I'm serving my client outside of spring, and the cookie is not stored in my browser upon a successful login.

The question: Any idea how I can solve it- access and store the cookie although the client is not served with spring?

My spring httpsecurity config:

                .antMatchers("/resources/**" , "/assets/**" , "/api/information").permitAll() 
//              .failureUrl("/authentication/login-error.html")
//              .csrf().csrfTokenRepository(CookieCsrfTokenRepository.withHttpOnlyFalse()).and()

Set cookie received from spring:


  • So, you're getting the "set-cookie" header, but your browser is not sending it along with requests? – Leffchik Oct 16 '17 at 4:39
  • No, my browser do not stores the cookie at all – TheUnreal Oct 16 '17 at 12:09
  • 1
    Can you tell more about your developing mode? Since you're serving your client outside, you should facing cross-domain issues (ports mismatch at least). How did you solve it? CORS filter? Some special browser settings? Also, your cookie marked with Secure flag, R U using https? – Leffchik Oct 16 '17 at 12:35

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