Is there a limit to the number of bots a user can create on telegram?

I'm considering "selling custom bots" to people as a service, and would like to avoid having my clients handle technical stuff like api keys or "talking to botfather". So I would create their bot on my account, but this isn't really doable if I'm limited to a certain number of bots. I didn't find anything in their docs or their faq, but maybe someone here did run into a limit.

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You can only create 20 bots per Telegram account. Although it‘s not written in Bot FAQ, but proved by many bot developers.

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    what if someone deletes their bots, will that reset the limit? Jan 31, 2021 at 17:30
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    @code-aesthete Yes, you can create a bot after deleted another.
    – Sean Wei
    Feb 1, 2021 at 14:06
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    Also, you can create only 5 bots in the last 24h interval. Telegram says: "Sorry, too many attempts. Please try again in 84818 seconds" Aug 25, 2022 at 15:19

As you can see in the official Telegram website (where you can find all other limits)


The max number of bots you can create is 20.

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