I'm using Laravel 5.4 and I like to send notifications to users on thursdays at 8pm

Let's say I have

  1. User A in Tokyo
  2. User B in London
  3. User C in New York City


How should I set the CRON JOB so they all receive the notification at 8pm in their local time?.

My server is in New York City




This Logic can't be done just with just one: $schedule->command('sendNotifications') command and some parameters.

First step, if not already done, setup your server and add a Cron job that is calling the Laravel artisan command:

* * * * * php /path-to-your-project/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

Option I

Second step change your schedule command to:

$schedule->command('sendNotifications')->everyFifteenMinutes(); or $schedule->command('sendNotifications')->everyThirtyMinutes(); or $schedule->command('sendNotifications')->hourly();

depending how exact you want to have it, because some time zones have 30 or 45 Minutes offset, see https://www.timeanddate.com/time/time-zones-interesting.html

Now if your command sendNotifications is executed you have to build your logic there:

  • Check if it is Thursday somewhere in the world, if not cancel
  • Get timezones/counties where it is 20:00 at the moment, with tolerance if required
  • Get all user in one of this timezones/counties and send the notification to them

Option II

Of course you can write 40+ different commands, one for each time zone,
and use the scheduler like this:




Well I don't know if laravel have this functionality.

But you can set cron job for every hour to check if that users current time(with time zone) is 8 AM and if we haven't sent notification to them.

And to those users, you can send the notification.

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