How to add more instances (scale up) ElasticBeanStalk environment programmatically within a running application (Spring Boot) ?

I thought of using AWSElasticBeanstalkClient, but couldn't find any method to add instances using the client.


Any hints?

I need this because the design of my applications is that each App node needs to communicate with each other to perform some image-recognition tasks.

If this is not possible with EBS, I was thinking of creating EC2 programmatically as mentioned below, my problem is how to deploy my application to newly created EC2 instance.



You can use the updateEnvironment method to update the minimum and maximum values for the number of instances. That's in case you can't configure any automatic scaling triggers as strongjz suggested.

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    What if you want the min to stay the same but you want a temporary increase of the actual current count? – justin.m.chase Dec 19 '17 at 22:40

Cloudwatch alarms + AutoScaling is the AWS Reference architecture for scaling your ElasticBeanstalk applications.


You can have each app node publish custom cloudwatch metrics and scale your ASG based on that.


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