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Here's my problem i want to get data from database and i show them in a table that table contain date and another values all based on that date so my problem is when i get the data if a date doesnt have a value in certain title it didn't return as 0 ( Zero ) and that affect my table and it's sorting , here is my query

            $confirmquery= " SELECT ddate , count(status) as stat from booking_vip where status = 'CONFIRM' AND ddate >= '$date_1' AND ddate <= '$date_2'  GROUP BY ddate";
                echo $confirmrow['stat'];
            <?php   } ?>

the query work fine but when there is no record for certain date it didn't return anything so it ruin my table by make a record be in a wrong date ..

so please help me , i searched a lot and tried many functions like ifnull and isnull and COALESCE all of them didn't work for me , is there is any php solutio ,

what i get as example

Date        status
2016-03-14  CONFIRM
2016-03-17  CONFIRM

What i want is :

Date        Total
2016-03-14  CONFIRM
2016-03-15  0
2016-03-16  0
2016-03-17  CONFIRM

i want to be zero's in the missing dates that doesnt have any value , i see the question around the community but didn't get any php solution or easy mysql solution .

appreciate your help .

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Note : Stop using Mysql its deprecated

There are multiple way to do that

$confirmquery = " SELECT ddate , count(status) as stat from booking_vip where status = 'CONFIRM' AND ddate >= '$date_1' AND ddate <= '$date_2'  GROUP BY ddate";
$confirmrun = mysql_query($confirmquery);
$numRow = mysql_num_rows($confirmrun);
if($numRow > 0){
    //your code
    echo 0;


   $count = count($confirmrun);
   if($count > 0){
        //your code
        echo 0;
  • thanks urfusion for your help really appreciate it but my problem that even when i do that it didn't work like i want , what i want is when else condition i want it to return 0 but it didn't work though , if you can help i'll appreciate it . – Hazem Mofeed Oct 14 '17 at 5:22
  • @HazemMofeed : just echo 0; instead of echo "no record"; Or if you are returning then return false; – urfusion Oct 14 '17 at 5:24
  • thanks bro for your fast comment , but it's just not easy like that i tried to echo to display it but i think the problem in the query that it didn't return any zero so the if condition will never get to else condition , my problem is that i need to make the query return zero when that date doesn't contain a value , wish i clarify it , thanks bro – Hazem Mofeed Oct 14 '17 at 5:27
  • Try to pass static date that is not in you DB table. For example $date_2 = '2017-10-14 00:00:00'. I think it should work now. – urfusion Oct 14 '17 at 5:30
  • still didn't work :( – Hazem Mofeed Oct 14 '17 at 5:32

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