I'm new to WebAssembly and Emscripten and am trying to pass an array of strings in JavaScript to a C function for further processing with Module.cwrap(...). Ideally I'd also like to return an array of strings back to JavaScript from C.

Below is some pseudocode of what I'm looking for:


const strings = ["foo", "bar", "fool", "gnar"]
const result = Module.cwrap("myCFunc", "array", ["array"])
console.log(result) // ["my", "transformed", "array"]


char **myCFunc(char **input) {
    // do some processing. Specifically some md5 hashing...
    return output;

My guess is I won't be able to pass multi-dimensional arrays by themselves from JS to C functions, but will have to use WebAssembly heap memory instead. I know that the emscripten JS API has support for this kind of thing, but I haven't written C in ages and the specifics of this type of pointer manipulation is beyond me at the moment.

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