Firebase auth was working fine, the debug build suddenly started failing without any change of code, logging the folloing message

D/PhoneAuthActivity( 7392): signInWithCredential:failure:com.google.firebase.auth.FirebaseAuthException: This app is not authorized to use Firebase Authentication. Please verifythat the correct package name and SHA-1 are configured in the Firebase Console. [ App validation failed ].

The only notable action inbetween a successful login and failure is android studio upgrade.

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When you updated Android Studio, the debug key which is used to sign debug apps might have changed. Just add the new SHA-1 checksum of your debug key in the firebase console.

Easiest way would be to connect/sync to firebase from


If you want to do it manually or for release keystore, first generate SHA-1 checksum using following command:

keytool -list -v -keystore KEYSTORE_PATH -alias ALIAS_NAME

Then copy the SHA-1 checksum and go to:

Firebase Console > Your project > Settings of the app > Add Fingerprint

For more info, read this guide: Authenticating Your Client | Google APIs for Android

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    But this error is coming for signed apk. i have implemented firebase and ON authentication too. it's working for debug.keystore but it's not working for SHA generated from my keyStore. strange. any other having this issue? – Rumit Patel Oct 2 '18 at 6:21
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    I have already done this. but I found totally strange solution. I'll post it later here. – Rumit Patel Oct 2 '18 at 8:52
  • Could you post it @RumitPatel? Experiencing the same problem. – gowithefloww Oct 27 '18 at 15:41
  • @gowithefloww , yes, kindly wait please. will post it tomorrow probably. – Rumit Patel Oct 27 '18 at 15:55
  • @gowithefloww , kindly check answer, probably it'll be helpful for you next time. :-) – Rumit Patel Nov 28 '18 at 6:25

A simple solution for App-signed enabled app.

  • Find SHA-1 certificate fingerprint from App signing from play store console.


Play store Console > Your project > Release > Setup > App signing

enter image description here


Play store Console > Your project > Release management > App signing

enter image description here

  • Place both SHA1 fingerprints to your firebase app.

Firebase Console > Your project > Settings of the app > Add Fingerprint

enter image description here

  • The good thing is we don't need to generate SHA1 fingerprint from cmd with the help of the Keystore.
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    Tried multiple suggestions. This was the only one that works! +1 – Ally Jr Jan 6 '19 at 11:53
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    This was the only one that ever made sense. – Prativa Jun 17 '19 at 11:55
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    Yes, I believe this is the big source of confusion in 2019. Some Firebase/React tutorial is telling you to get a SHA fingerprint from your release key, using the keytool, BUT actually you signed for "letting Google manage your app certificate" on the Play Console, so thats the thing you have to copy and paste on Firebase Console. – Hugo Sep 9 '19 at 13:11
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    This is the best answer – Jean Eric Oct 15 '19 at 11:42
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    Thanks a lot. This was the best answer – Vishal Singh Jul 20 '20 at 19:18

If you are using a Emulator for phone OTP verification it won't work since it does not have a sim. So try installing it to your mobile(with sim) and check if the error persists.

  • How did you figure this one out? – ravish.hacker Jul 11 '20 at 20:50
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    I had tried it on the emulator but it was not working.Then i thought the problem is with the virtual mobile and so installed it on the real mobile it worked. – rakshit ks Jul 13 '20 at 1:24

Ok i just figured out the issue.. If you are using Play Store app signing, then the SHA1 from you distributed app will be different from the one you are using locally. Make sure you add the SHA1 key from Play Console to your app in the Firebase Console.

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    Also, the google-services.json file needs to be downloaded again, and added to app, after submitting to app store. Then re-upload to google play store. – Rowan Gontier Dec 27 '19 at 3:29
  • What do you mean "re-upload to google play store?" Upload what? – Pete Alvin Jan 1 '20 at 0:59
  • @PeteAlvin i guess he meant to download google-services.json file after adding SHA1 from Play Store app signing – Stanislau Buzunko Mar 24 '20 at 11:11

In case of Linux Machine

Step 1: Go to Physical File Directory of your project in your file system

Step 2: Go to Your project> android>

Step 3: Press right click and open a new terminal in this directory

As shown in the image

Step 4: Run command 'gradlew signingReport'

Step 5: Copy your SHA-1 key or SHA-56 key

Step 6: Go to Firebase Console> Your project> Project Settings> Add Fingerpring

Step 7: Paste your SHA-1 key or SHA-56 key and save.

Now, you are good to go.


  • 101% solution of the problem – Shiva Yadav Jun 13 '20 at 15:45
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    if you're in android directory, it's just gradlew signingReport not ./gradlew signingReport – Zhangir Siranov Jun 16 '20 at 11:08

If you are using Google Internal App Sharing, please note that Google automatically signs your builds with a totally different certificate as stated here, you'll need to find the signing certificate information that is automatically provided for your application build by Google.

To find the certificate;

  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Select your app.
  3. On the left menu, select Development tools > Internal app sharing.
  4. Select the “App certificate” tab, and then copy the SHA-1 to your firebase console.

The latest error occurred

A safety_net_token was passed, but no matching SHA-256 was registered in the Firebase console. Please make sure that this application’s packageName/SHA256 pair is registered in the Firebase Console.

Solution is :

Add also SHA256 in project settings of Firebase Console.

  • OMG you saved my day, thank you so much! – Hoby Jan 19 at 19:08
  • Exact solution, I was having same problem, solved using SHA256 to firebase. – vishva vijay Feb 15 at 9:50

This took me two days. I tried the accepted solution (by Nabin Bhandari) but that didn't work for me. Then finally managed to do it as follows.

  1. Go to "Build> Generate Signed Bundle/APK".
  2. If you wish to upload app to play store select "Android App Bundle", otherwise you can use "APK". Then go next.
  3. Now in "Key store path" click "CREATE NEW". Enter the details in dialog box. When you click "OK", you have your key files generated.
  4. Enter the key path, password etc.
  5. Select "debug" or "release" as desired. After this, your signed apk is generated at [project Directory]\app\debug.
  6. Now generate SHA-1 key using (as suggested by: Navin):

    keytool -list -v -keystore KEYSTORE_PATH -alias ALIAS_NAME

  7. Use adb install app-debug.apk to install the app in the device. Now the app will work.

Dev/Debugging Tip: Install signed APK when Run is used.
When you click run again the signed app is overwritten and you might face the problem again. So there is a need to install signed apk when Run 'app' is clicked.

Add these values to your .gradle file (Module:app):

        keyAlias 'your key alias'
        keyPassword 'your keypassword'
        storeFile file('keystore path')
        storePassword 'your storepassword'

Ref: see here


Update your app Fingerprint in firebase it works for me.

Step 1: Get the latest SHA-1 by running this command in terminal For Linux or macOS:

keytool -list -v -keystore ~/.android/debug.keystore -alias androiddebugkey -storepass android -keypass android

For Windows:

keytool -list -v -keystore "%USERPROFILE%\.android\debug.keystore" -alias androiddebugkey -storepass android -keypass android

Step 2: Go to Firebase Console and delete recently added Fingerprints

Firebase Console > Your project > Project Settings > Delete Fingerprint

Next: Firebase Console > Your project > Project Settings > Add Fingerprint Paste new SHA-1 Fingerprint and save. It will work fine now.


I have got the same issue and solve as follow

Generate .keystore file like in this document https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/signed-apk-android

generated SHA-1 key by this command

keytool -list -v –keystore [PATH]\android\app\my-upload-key.keystore

And copy the SHA1 key under certificate fingerprints and add it firebase app settings->genaral tab->your app section->SHA certificate fingerprints


I am posting it late but it's a very simple trick i have found Download this Key Explorer And explore your App signing key(.jks), You'll be able to get SHA-1 & other Keys also. Now copy your SHA-1 from here and add it to firebase console. Steps: Firebase Console > Your project > Project Settings > Add Fingerprint Paste your SHA-1 and save it.

The reason is of this error is while we do testing for debug-apk it uses local systems SHA(that we had already updated over firebase console) but when when it's Release-build & live on Play store, it uses SHA from SigningKey(.jks). So we have to update both fingerprints on console.


Look at this thread: How to get the SHA-1 fingerprint certificate in Android Studio for debug mode?

And you will now how to get sha-1 key of your app easily (without -keytool command) and add id to Firebase console.. Then you must update your google-services.json file in your project.


I think this is the easiest solution

See SHA-1 certificate fingerprint from App signing from play store console

  • Play console>Release dashboard>App signing>>Copy SHA-1 key[![How to get SHA-1 Key from Google play console] 1:[ https://i.stack.imgur.com/QvlnC.jpg]How to add SHA-1 key from Play Console to Firebase app

How to add SHA-1 key from Play Console to Firebase app]


feature doesnt work on emulator even your mobile number is in physical device you must have to use a physical device to use phone authentication... you issue must be solved if you set up SHA1 key perfectly and still getting this exception


I am late but it's help to others.

This problem is occur when you use generate signed apk or may be in debug mode you forgot to save SHA-1 & SHA-256 in firebase console.

   The solution for generate signed apk is: Your app must be available on your google 
   play console (Google play store). Copy SHA-1 available in google play console > App 
   Signing and save in firebase console.

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