Instead of closing/deleting I want to archive one of my git repositories on GitHub. I have seen on multiple projects a yellow banner with the message "This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only." but I can't find out how to achieve this.


Screenshot: Yellow archived banner on GitHub

Does anyone know how to do this or is it just possible for repositories with a big community?

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It’s within the generic Settings of your repository. In there you’ll find the Danger Zone at the very bottom of the website. There is a new button called Archive this repository.

Danger Zone

  1. goto GitHub account
  2. select setting(upper right)
  3. goto down the page(in Danger Zone)
  4. select Unarchive this repository
  5. Type the message what is written in the upper of the message box
  6. Press I understand the consequence, unarchive the repository
  7. Now your problem is solved
  8. And again upload your project using git bash
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    This doesn't directly answer the question, which was how to archive a repository. But I'm glad to know that un-archiving is possible as well! Before reading your answer, I assumed archiving was irreversible, but now I know better. :) Aug 19, 2020 at 0:13

You can also archive your GitHub repository from command-line, without having to search for an option in the GitHub Web UI.

From GitHub CLI 2.1.0, you now (Oct. 2021) have the command-line option gh archive:

gh repo archive <repository>

This fixes issue 1398 ("archive command for repositories"), through PR 4410 ("gh repo archive"), and commit ec55482.

Your repository will be marked "archived".

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