I'm learning hadoop and while studying am getting confused with two terms one Namespace and second is Metadata.

What I have studied so far about metadata is Metadata is a part of namenode server. Its about all the information of files in HDFS, replication factor, datanode's data blocks, file permissions etc. This metadata stores in a file called fsimage. Please correct me if am wrong

Second is Namespace, About namespace is the only thing I got know is Its just an folder structure and even am not sure about that. Could you guys share with me about these terms precisely ? I'm confused with the word Namespace itself..!!

And how it looks in Hadoop system and where I can see both these terms if I want to see in my local machine where I have installed hadoop ?


Seems like Namespace is just some HDFS Path, or some prefix against a Hive/HBase table to designate it amongst others.

Metadata holds information about namespaces just because it represents files. You seem to have gotten an understanding about the metadata information.

There isn't a difference, they are complimentary.


Namespace contains directories and files which are listed in hierarchical order. Where as metadata is which contains the information like file permission,location,block ids,timestamp,file permissions etc.

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