I tried to shoehorn path enumeration into Room. There are two main filtering use cases:

  • Hiding folder A hides descendants AA, AB, etc.
  • Alternatively selecting a nested keyword "Bavaria" selects all ancestors "Europe" > "Germany" > "Bavaria".

These tables don't get large so efficiency is less of a concern, so I've begun to implement simple path materialization queries:

1 | Europe  | /1
2 | Germany | /1/2
3 | Bavaria | /1/2/3
4 | Asia    | /4


WHERE :path LIKE column || '%'


WHERE column LIKE :path || '%'

This requires mapping the path in every insert. Not a big deal, but not a simple insert.

Can these full branch queries be done easier with Room?


This was my solution with the new @RawQuery in 1.1.0:


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