I'm new on Ionic 3 and I'm trying to develop an app that displays a list of devices using an MQTT CLient. I'm using the Paho mqtt library but it uses callbacks when sending messages so I created an asynchronous function to send the message from the app. The problem comes when I try to send the message to get info from more than one items, as I cannot send them simultaneously and handling asynchronous functions sequentially seems to be a little bit tricky; I was wondering if I could do It by using observables but I have no idea how to start with.

The idea is to get item ids from the device memory, calls the "get items info" function and display it as they come.

This is my sendAsync function:

 public sendAsync(data: string) {

    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      var sent;
      var sending;
      this._client.onMessageArrived = ((message: Paho.MQTT.Message) => {
        if (message.destinationName == 'reply') {
          console.log(`Mensaje recibido:`)
        else resolve(message.destinationName);
      this._client.onMessageDelivered = (() => {
        sent = setTimeout((() => { reject("Awaiting from message arrived TimeOut") }), 15000);
      if (this._client.isConnected() == true) {
        sending = setTimeout((() => { reject("Sending TimeOut") }), 3000);
      else {
        reject("No connection to server")


private send(Msg: string) {
    var message = new Paho.MQTT.Message(Msg);
    message.destinationName = 'api';
    console.log(`Mensaje a enviar:`)


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