I'm new to, and currently using GitLab Pages and Hugo (v0.23 with theme by Beautiful Jekyll) for my website. I've just finished a small coding project which is up on GitLabs and has a project readme.md file.

I'd like to publish the project readme.md file to my webpage. Is there a way to ensure if I update the project readme.md file it will automatically update on my webpage post?

Currently my approach to publish my project readme.md file to my webpage is:

  1. create project readme.md file in project repository
  2. create post.md and save in website repository for my posts
  3. copy project readme.md file contents to post.md (manual step)

I want to know if it's possible to:

  1. create project readme.md file in project directory
  2. create post.md in website repository
  3. link content of project readme.md to post.md

Thus if I update readme.md file I will see new content automatically updated on post.md (and thus my website).


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Did some research and the answer is in short no.

The readme.md files are stored separately from the post.md file. Therefore a manual copy-paste is required.

Though the readme.md file can be linked from the post.md file.

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