Whats the best way to go about building an address field like the one in safari?

Needs to have editable text, and determinate progress indicator background.

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You could just subclass NSTextField and override the -drawRect: method to "fill" the appropriate percentage of the entire width with some color or gradient (or whatever) for the progress. If I'm understanding your question right.

-(void)drawRect:(NSRect)dirtyRect {
    CGFloat progress = 0.33;

    NSRect progressRect = [self bounds];
    progressRect.size.width *= progress;

    [[NSColor colorWithCalibratedRed:0.0 green:0.0 blue:1.0 alpha:0.4] set];
    NSRectFillUsingOperation(progressRect, NSCompositeSourceOver);

    [super drawRect:dirtyRect];

Obviously "progress" would come from a property you declare and be updated according to the model. You'd need to make sure setDrawsBackground: is turned off, or the background is set to [NSColor clearColor]; in order for your custom drawing to be seen.

This is a shot from the code above.

Tested Theory

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