How can i change the current running project to another project in GCP (Google Cloud Platform) account using cli commands other than using gcloud init manually.

$gcloud projects list will list the projects running on my account. I want to change the current project to any other project from the list using a cli command.

gcloud config set project my-project

You may also set the environment variable $CLOUDSDK_CORE_PROJECT.

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    It helps to get the project names with: gcloud projects list – sww314 Aug 17 '18 at 0:44
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    And to check which project is currently active, use gcloud config get-value project – Chris Halcrow Jun 11 at 1:32

Make sure you are authenticated with the correct account:

gcloud auth list
* account 1
  account 2

Change to the project's account if not:

gcloud config set account `ACCOUNT`

Depending on the account, the project list will be different:

gcloud projects list

- project 1
- project 2...

Switch to intended project:

gcloud config set project `PROJECT ID`

You should actually use the project ID and not the name as the other answers imply.


gcloud projects list

PROJECT_ID              NAME                  PROJECT_NUMBER
something-staging-2587  something-staging     804012817122
something-production-24 something-production  392181605736


gcloud config set project something-staging-2587

It's also the same thing when using just the --project flag with one of the commands:

gcloud --project something-staging-2587 compute ssh my_vm

If you use the name it will silently accept it but then you'll always get connection or permission issues when trying to deploy something to the project.


The selected answer doesn't help if you don't know the name of projects you have added gcloud already. My flow is to list the active projects, then switch to the one I want.

gcloud config configurations list

gcloud config configurations activate [NAME]
where [NAME] is listed from the prior command.


Also, if you are using more than one project and don't want to set global project every time, you can use select project flag.

For example: to connect a virtual machine, named my_vm under a project named my_project in Google Cloud Platform:

gcloud --project my_project compute ssh my_vm

This way, you can work with multiple project and change between them easily by just putting project flag. You can find much more information about other GCP flags from here.


I do prefer aliases, and for things that might need multiple commands, based on your project needs, I prefer functions...


function switchGCPProject() {
        gcloud config set project [Project Name]
        // if you are using GKE use the following
        gcloud config set container/cluster [Cluster Name]
        // if you are using GCE use the following
        gcloud config set compute/zone [Zone]
        gcloud config set compute/region [region]
        // if you are using GKE use the following
        gcloud container clusters get-credentials [cluster name] --zone [Zone] --project [project name]
        export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=path-to-credentials.json

For what its worth if you have a more than a handful of projects, which I do, use:

gcloud init

This will list all your projects and give you the option to change current project settings, add a new project configuration or switch:

Pick configuration to use:
 [1] Re-initialize this configuration [esqimo-preprod] with new settings
 [2] Create a new configuration
 [3] Switch to and re-initialize existing configuration: [default]
 [4] Switch to and re-initialize existing configuration: [project 1]
 [5] Switch to and re-initialize existing configuration: [project 2]
Please enter your numeric choice:

It will always ask you to login and display options for different google accounts that you may have.

Given that I manage multiple organisations and projects this approach lets' me to simply switch between them.


Check the available projects by running: gcloud projects list. This will give you a list of projects which you can access. To switch between projects: gcloud config set project <project-id>.

Also, I recommend checking the active config before making any change to gcloud config. You can do so by running: gcloud config list


I add aliases to the .bash_alaises to switch to a different project.

alias switch_proj1="gcloud config set project ************"

Here is a script to generate aliases :) for all projects listed. Please update the switch_proj to unique project aliases that you can remember.

gcloud projects list | awk '{print "alias switch_proj=\"gcloud config set project " $1 "\""}'

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