i'm programming in VB6. Then i need decompress a zip file using unzip32.dll. This zip file only have a .exe file. The file is uncompressed overwriting the old exe file. My problem is in the new .exe because the old privileges are missing and now i can't execute it.

Public Declare Function Wiz_SingleEntryUnzip Lib "unzip32.dll" (ByVal ifnc As Long, ByRef ifnv As ZIPnames, ByVal xfnc As Long, ByRef xfnv As ZIPnames, dcll As DCLIST, Userf As USERFUNCTION) As Long

Why?? Any suggestions?


My code:

Dim Resultado As Long
Dim intContadorFicheros As Integer


Dim NombresFicherosZip As ZIPnames, NombresFicheros2Zip As ZIPnames

NombresFicherosZip.S(0) = vbNullChar
NombresFicheros2Zip.S(0) = vbNullChar
FuncionesUnZip.UNZIPMessage = 0&
FuncionesUnZip.UNZIPPassword = 0&
FuncionesUnZip.UNZIPPrntFunction = DevolverDireccionMemoria(AddressOf FuncionParaProcesarMensajes)
FuncionesUnZip.UNZIPReplaceFunction = DevolverDireccionMemoria(AddressOf FuncionParaReplaceOptions)
FuncionesUnZip.UNZIPService = 0&
FuncionesUnZip.UNZIPSndFunction = 0&
OpcionesUnZip.C_flag = 1
OpcionesUnZip.fQuiet = 2
OpcionesUnZip.noflag = 1
OpcionesUnZip.Zip = Zip
OpcionesUnZip.ExtractDir = ExtractDir

Resultado = Wiz_SingleEntryUnzip(0, NombresFicherosZip, 0, NombresFicheros2Zip, OpcionesUnZip, FuncionesUnZip)

This code, unzip a miprograma.exe file inside the zip file. Then overwrite a existing exe file. But now i can't run it because the privileges of a miprograma.exe file is missing.

  • Can you please add information to the question which clearly states the error or other problem you are having? Oct 17 '17 at 11:33
  • Thanks DaveInCaz. Now I explain better the problem. Oct 17 '17 at 13:46

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