i am new to JavaFX and tornadofx, and now i need to create some highly customized UI components(including submit button, text input field, password input field, datetime picker, dropdown selector etc) shown as the picture bellow:

enter image description here

so, what is the best practice for creating these components? my question includes:

  1. which super class my customized UI component should extend?
  2. is there any existing example in tornadofx?
  3. can i use bootstrap in my case? and if yes, how can i use bootstrap?

thanks (this question also posted here: https://github.com/edvin/tornadofx/issues/498)

  • Regarding the bootstrap related portion of your question, see: Bootstrap with JavaFX. – jewelsea Oct 17 '17 at 21:43
  • @jewelsea thanks for your suggestion, i will try later:) – Ace.Yin Oct 18 '17 at 0:55

There really isn't anything TornadoFX specific to this process, but I have two recommendations:

Don't create a custom control unless you really need to. To add custom functionality to a Button or a TextField, install a custom skin instead.

If you really need a custom control, consider extending the Control class. For more layout centric components you might extend a layout instead, or simply Pane.

To learn more about custom components, consider reading this brilliant book:


Also check out these videos:




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