If any one knows, what is puppeteer and how to use this in selenium automation for headless chrome please guide me.

Below is the link for puppeteer.


1) can i use this with java language for automation testing?

2) what is the use of using this?

I am new to this puppeteer and I wanted to use this in my project which is built on java and selenium.

  • First line in the docs: "Puppeteer is a Node library ..." So that sounds like a "No" for your Java question. Maybe describe your problem, instead of your broken solution. Also have a read through How to Ask. – SiKing Oct 17 '17 at 16:36

Puppeteer is replacement for selenium running only on Chrome. It's not possible to run puppeteer from selenium. Puppeteer is designed only for chrome and run only in Node.js environment. If you are interest in running chrome handles from selenium this thread can be valuable for you.

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