I have a problem to retrieve an AAR transitive dependency from a deployed artifactory library.

Here the build.gradle:

dependencies {
  implementation "x.y.z:B:1.0.0"

In the POM file of the x.y.x:B:1.0.0, I have this configuration :


But I have an error with Gradle because it search a .jar file instead of .aar file. Do I miss a step?

Could not resolve all files for configuration ':sample:debugAndroidTestRuntimeClasspath'.
> Could not find A.jar (x.y.z:A:1.0.0).
  Searched in the following locations:

Also, the library A contains only a .aar & .pom file on Maven.

Information: All of this libraries are in a same private maven artifactory.


I find the solution. The solution is below if you have the same problem.

I miss to add this line on a library in the pom file.


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