Here is a silly example of running multiple commands via the CMD instruction in shell-form. I would prefer to use the exec-form, but I don't know how to concatenate the instructions.


CMD mkdir -p ~/my/new/directory/ \
 && cd ~/my/new/directory \
 && touch new.file


CMD ["mkdir","-p","~/my/new/directory/"]
# What goes here?

Can someone provide the equivalent syntax in exec-form?


The short answer is, you cannot chain together commands in the exec form.

&& is a function of the shell, which is used to chain commands together. In fact, when you use this syntax in a Dockerfile, you are actually leveraging the shell functionality.

If you want to have multiple commands with the exec form, then you have do use the exec form to invoke the shell as follows...

CMD ["sh","-c","mkdir -p ~/my/new/directory/ && cd ~/my/new/directory && touch new.file"]
  • the sh initial command was what I forgot to pre-pend - the exec form doesn't take or use SHELL – Josh E Oct 18 '17 at 18:18
  • 1
    Even though the exec form is recommended, in this case I can see only disadvantages, compared to the OP's shell form: 1. You have to explicitely specify the shell, 2. you have to take care of possibly escaping quotes, 3. you cannot split it into multiple lines for easier readability. Is there any advantage as well? Despite of it being just best practice? – Tobias Sep 30 '20 at 12:05
  • Thanks a lot for this answer. – Rajat Mishra Feb 1 at 19:27

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