Can someone tell me what the space complexity for this python function is? I believe it is O(1) but my friends are telling me that this is O(N).

Reason why they are saying O(N): You are creating a new 'a' in every iteration of the for loop.

Reason why I am saying O(1):You make a new 'a' every time you iterate and dump out the old 'a'.

def hello(n):
  for i in range(n):
    a = 10

Would the space complexity be the same if this is pseudo code?

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    in Python 3 it is O(1), since range will take constant space, in Python 2, it is O(n) since range will take O(n) space. But you are correct, simply reassigning to a will take constant space. In Python 2, use xrange for constant-space – juanpa.arrivillaga Oct 18 '17 at 0:44

a is just a variable, and here you assign a with integer value, for this point, the space complexity is O(1).

But I think the key to measure is in for i in range(n) statement.

In python2, because range(n) will create a list with n element, so the space complexity is O(n).

In python3, range(n) will return an iterator(without creating the whole n-length list), so the space complexity is O(1).

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