I currently have a dataframe and would like to return the minimum value of two columns (eg. X and Y).

I have tried:

print(df.loc[:, ['X', 'Y']].min())

However, it prints out:

Control NSAF   -9.851210
Wild NSAF      -9.730507
dtype: float64

Whereas I just want -9.851210. Is there a way to just get the single minimum number?

Thank you


Add one more min

print(df.loc[:, ['X', 'Y']].min().min())

The below given example may be useful for you to find

maximum and minimum of "X" and "Y" columns

  df[["X", "Y"]].max(axis=1)
  df[["X", "Y"]].min(axis=1)

use the numpy min method on the underlying values attribute

df.loc[:, ['X', 'Y']].values.min()

You can even find the locations of 'X' and 'Y' ahead of time

j = [df.columns.get_loc(c) for c in ['X', 'Y']]
df.values[:, j].min()

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