I want to covert MAC address to integer format in Vertica database. They are in the form like below -


I used the following query to convert them to integer -

SELECT hex_to_integer(MAC) FROM Network_table;

where MAC is the column name containing MAC addresses and Network_table is the table name.

It is showing me the following error -

Invalid input syntax for numeric: "0x1e:07:02:15:3a:88"

I think its because the address contains ":" symbols. Any idea how can I overcome this problem?

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Use regexp_replace() for vertica.

SELECT hex_to_int(regexp_replace('1e:07:02:15:3a:88',':'))

You could try translate function, along with hex_to_integer.


dbadmin=> select hex_to_integer(translate('1e:07:02:15:3a:88',':',''));

(1 row)

You need,
CONV('C404158996CD', 16,10) ("convert 'C404158996CD' from base 16 to base 10")

here 'C404158996CD' is a mac address.

Or you can try this

concat (left (b.mh, 2),':',mid(b.mh,3,2),':',mid(b.mh,5,2),':',mid(b.mh,7,2),':',mid(b.mh,9,2),':',mid(b.mh,11,2))

from (
    select lpad (hex (a.mac_as_int), 12, '0') as mh
    from (
        select 1234567890 as mac_as_int
    ) a
) b

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