In order to test my program I need to mock a method call like:

entityManager.createQuery("SELECT...", Integer.class).getSingleResult()

the createQuery part returns a TypedQuery<Integer>, but I actually just want to return a single integer: 1. Currently I am using Mockito in order to create my mocks and I am pretty new to this.

Is there a way of testing this?

Thank you!


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Assuming you have class EntityManager, Query. You can mock your test like below. (mock(), any(), when() ... methods are in Mockito)

int result = 1;
Query query = mock(Query.class);
EntityManager entityManager = mock(EntityManager.class);

when(entityManager.createQuery(any(), any()).thenReturn(query);
  • Thank you. Worked for me
    – Felix
    Commented Oct 18, 2017 at 7:48

Mock the EntityManager and then you can pre-define the returning-value. Mockito.doReturn(1).when(entityManagerMock).createQuery(any(String.class), any());

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