I have a Symfony3 CRM that implements a form to create an invoice. In this form there is a list of different costs, such as labour, service and materials. I have coded this so it's in a multidimensional array since the user can create any number of fields with whatever they want.

An example of the post array:

[costings] => Array
    [labour] => 80.30
    [materials] => 75.00
    [service] => 43.50

I want to use Doctrine to get the data. To retrieve the costings array, I use this:


But I do not know how to get the values within that array. I tried:


But I get a warning saying I'm trying to call get() on an array. Is there a way to do this or do I need to revert back to just using $_POST?

  • BTW, Request has nothing to do with Doctrine. It is part of Symfony's Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation. – svgrafov Oct 18 '17 at 8:57
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Simply use this, since you POST costings as normal array.

$costings = $request->request->get('costings');
$labourCostings = $costings['labour'];

Did you try:

$labour = $request->request->get('costings')['labour'];


If it doesn't work, try to dump the result of $request->request->get('costings')

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