New to typescript + redux ecosystem here.

How do I properly encapsulate type information into async actions when using redux-actions, redux-thunk and redux-promise-middleware in TypeScript?

An example of authentication:

/* actions */
const login = createAction(LOGIN, authService.login);

/* authService */
async function login(payload: LoginPayload): Promise<LoginResponse> {
 // ... authenticate here.

Since I'm using redux-promise-middleware, the actions LOGIN_PENDING, LOGIN_FULFILLED/LOGIN_REJECTED are dispatched automatically. How do I create types for these such that the reducer can figure out what action object it's dealing with?

Since redux-actions follows FSA, _FULFILLED should have action.payload. _REJECTED should have action.error

/* reducer */
function loginReducer(state: AppState, action: AuthAction) {
  switch (action.type) {
      // action.payload should be defined as LoginResponse object here.
      // action.error shouldnt be present.
      // action.error should be defined

How would I go about creating the AuthAction type? I'm guessing it should be a union type of each of the individual action types (which can be union types on their own). redux-actions also provides Action and BaseAction types for this.


The "normal" way to do it is to specify all "action interfaces" and a union type down to the reducer. Then switch on the type. But from the example code its not clear if the AuthAction type is a union type...


type T = Object; //Your resolve data type
interface ILoginAction {type: "LOGIN", payload: {promise: Promise<T> }}
interface ILoginRejectedAction {type: "LOGIN_REJECTED", error: YourErrorType }
interface ILoginFulfilledAction {type: "LOGIN_FULFILLED", payload: {data: T }}

export type LoginActions = ILoginAction | ILoginRejectedAction | ILoginFulfilledAction


import { LoginActions } from "./actions"; //Or where your actions are
function loginReducer(state: AppState, action: LoginActions) {
  switch (action.type) {
    case "LOGIN":
      // action.payload should be defined as LoginResponse object here.
      // action.error shouldnt be present.
    case "LOGIN_REJECTED":
      // action.error should be defined

You can probably create this union in a smarter way using some generics but this is the manual approach.

  • That is the question. What would be AuthActions such that each case block knows the interface from which action comes from. I've edited the question for clarity. – Srishan Supertramp Oct 18 '17 at 12:21
  • Then its the LoginActions union type in my answer above. Iv'e read through the .d.ts files for the middleware and i can see any generics from it. So this means you have to define them like i did and import the union type in your reducer. – Per Svensson Oct 18 '17 at 13:21

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