I have write a RSpec Test for a create action method in a controller. Now i became the following error: error Screen

My Test:

describe '#create' do
before(:each) {
  @address = {
    attributes: {
      'street': "bla",
      'street-number': 2,
      'zip': "12345",
      'city': "blabla",
      'country': ''
    type: "addresses"

it 'test the create route' do
  post 'create', { params: @address }

My Controller Method:

public def create
    .otherwise('address_create_error', 401)

And my Factory:

FactoryGirl.define do
  factory :address do
    street 'Musterstraße'
    street_number '1'
    zip '12345'
    city 'Musterstadt'
    country ''

I have no Idea why this error comes. Could anybody help me?

  • What's in Address::Representer::Out::Default and Address::Create? Why are you defining the factory for address but not using it? You should paste the full error message, and definitely NOT a screenshot.
    – arieljuod
    Oct 20, 2017 at 3:19

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Try using the "=>" syntax

 @address = {
    'attributes' => {
      'street' => "bla",
      'street-number' => 2,
      'zip' => "12345",
      'city' => "blabla",
      'country': ''
    'type' => "addresses"

I have resolved the problem today. To solve it, I had to adjust two things.

  1. the JSON must be transferred completely as a string
  2. it must be sent in the body of the request, not as a param. That's because of our special environment.

Thanks for your help anyway. :)

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