I am attempting to count the number of points within each LSOA area within London. I have attempted to use the over function although the output does not produce a count of the number of listings per LSOA

The code I have conducted so far is as follows

ldnLSOA <- readOGR(".", "LSOA_2011_London_gen_MHW")
LondonListings <- read.csv('Londonlistings.csv') 
proj4string(LdnLSOA) <- proj4string(LondonListings) 
plot(LondonListings, add =T) 

enter image description here

LSOAcounts <- over(LondonListings, ldnLSOA)

This produces a table with no additional data than the original ldnLSOA shapefile.

I was wondering if someone knew how I would be able to get a table in the format:

LSOAname | LSOAcode | Count 

or that sort of framework.

Example data:

longitude | latituide 
-0.204406 51.52060
-0.034617 51.45037
-0.221920 51.46449
-0.126562 51.47158
-0.188879 51.57068
-0.096917 51.49281



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    Please provide a reproducible example to work with. stackoverflow.com/help/mcve – Hack-R Oct 18 '17 at 14:29
  • I am unsure how to add information to make the shapefile replicable but I have added example data for LondonListings – James Todd Oct 18 '17 at 14:57
  • You need to use builtin or publicly available data files – Hack-R Oct 18 '17 at 15:02
  • The shapefile can be found here: data.london.gov.uk/dataset/… – James Todd Oct 18 '17 at 15:08

I deleted my inespecific answer and wrote another one with your data (except for the points... but it is not hard to replace this data, right?) Let me know if it worked!

#I'm not sure which of this libs are used, since I always have all of them loaded here

#Load the shapefile
ldnLSOA <- readOGR(".", "LSOA_2011_London_gen_MHW")

#It's always good to take a look in the data associated to your map

#Create some random point in this shapefile
ldn_points<-spsample(ldnLSOA,n=1000, type="random")

plot(ldn_points, pch=21, cex=0.5, col="red", add=TRUE)

#create an empty df with as many rows as polygons in the shapefile
df<-as.data.frame(matrix(ncol=3, nrow=length(ldnLSOA@data$LSOA11NM)))
colnames(df)<- c("LSOA_name","LSOA_code", "pt_Count")

# Over = at the spatial locations of object x,
# retrieves the indexes or attributes from spatial object y
pt.poly <- over(ldn_points,ldnLSOA)

# Now let's count

#As it came in alphabetical order, let's put in the same order of data in data frame  

#Fill 3rd col with counts

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