I want to call the asynchronous function which is called from a service class instance inside the setInterval function.

        class async {

        constructor(public service: Service){}            

            async doSomeAsyncTask(){

               setInterval(await this.service.anotherAsyncTaskInTheServiceClass(),3000); 

       //want to call the inside of setInterval function repeatedly in every 3ms.       
  • isn't it because of the this keyword? no need to specify it i guess
    – gropapa
    Oct 18 '17 at 14:25
  • Well you are executing the function, not assigning it and why would you use await? Oct 18 '17 at 14:26

setInterval expects the first param to be a function, so I think it should be

setInterval(async () => { await this.service.anotherAsyncTaskInTheServiceClass() },3000); 

*Thanks for the correction @Evariste *


Be sure to wrap any operations that can throw exceptions in your async function used as argument to setInterval/setTimer in a try/catch to avoid un-handled exceptions, see Async, Promises, and Timers in Node.js.

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