I am having trouble generating an exe with cython code. I create the cython files by running python setup.py build_ext --inplace in the directory where myLog.pyx is.

When I run the main.py script, without generating an exe, it works fine.

Once I created an exe using pyinstaller, 'Import myLog' is getting an error "DLL load failed. The specified module could not be found"

Pyinstaller code ran was:

pyinstaller --debug -c -F --onefile main.py

Files used are below:

Also, how come I cannot get the setup.py running right when the folder has __init__.py in it?


from distutils.core import setup
from Cython.Build import cythonize
import os

pyx_files = []

listing = os.listdir("./")
for filename in listing:
    if filename[-4:] == ".pyx":

for file in pyx_files:
    setup(ext_modules = cythonize(file))


import sys
import myLog



def log():
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    I think that pyinstaller creates a zip file and Python can't import compiled modules from zip files. Therefore it won't work (and there's no good solution). I'm not 100% sure though – DavidW Oct 18 '17 at 17:09
  • Makes sense. It definitely works fine if I place all the files in the main directory when running the pyinstaller command. – user1179317 Oct 18 '17 at 21:38
  • You get this working, I tried it and my files were way too large – Tetora Oct 31 '17 at 1:42

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