I installed material-ui-search-bar and then I want to use SearchBar. But I have next problem:

Module not found: Can't resolve 'material-ui/AutoComplete' in '...node_modules/material-ui-search-bar/lib/components/SearchBar'

How can I fix it?


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AutoComplete is associated with Lab package of material UI. On Adding the "lab" package AutoComplete can be used. Add using yarn

yarn add @material-ui/lab

or using npm

npm install @material-ui/lab
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I cannot upvote nor comment, so I just parrot the working solution. Thanks, @blackspacer.

This works:

npm install @material-ui/lab

One expects all Material UI elements to be present after the initial package install, but there is an exception.


About the lab

This package hosts the incubator components that are not yet ready to move to the core.

Installation Install the package in your project directory with:

// with npm

npm install @material-ui/lab

// with yarn

yarn add @material-ui/lab


Install material-ui using this command :

npm install material-ui@latest

This can happen due to multiple reasons.

1) You are using the beta version of v1.0 launch of material-ui which has breaking changes. Try switching to the stable version. Or if you want to use the latest beta version, then use Refer below link: https://material-ui-next.com/demos/autocomplete/material-ui AutoComplete

2) Try importing like below:

import AutoComplete from 'material-ui/AutoComplete';


import { AutoComplete } from 'material-ui/AutoComplete';

Due to the port going on for @next version the modules are being reorganized and hence few components are breaking.


The only solution that worked is uninstall material-ui-search-bar and install using npm install material-ui-search-bar@beta


npm -i @material-ui/core

as more packages may be needed. For me besides lab i also needed utils. Hope this helps.

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    no need for -i. it should be npm i @material-ui/core May 16, 2020 at 1:42

Use npm i @autocomplete/material-ui in your terminal.

Then run npm start, issue will be resolved.

import { Autocomplete } from '@autocomplete/material-ui';

Further more information or to try the template on another file for testing - use the below reference link. [1]:https://www.npmjs.com/package/@autocomplete/material-ui

yarn add material-ui-icons

Try using this in project directory

  • yarn add @material-ui/icons if you are using importing import CloseIcon from '@material-ui/icons/Close'; Nov 28, 2018 at 19:48

Install beta version npm install material-ui-search-bar@beta My issue got resolved after installing beta version.


This question is 4 years old so some of the answers here are no more correct. In 2022 and on v5.5, this is no more a lab component, but another reason you might be still getting this error:

export 'AutoComplete' (imported as 'AutoComplete') was not found in '@mui/material'

is if you're still using the old name. Its name has changed from "AutoComplete" to "Autocomplete", i.e., the letter c is no more capital.

So if you have something like:

import AutoComplete from @mui/material/AutoComplete

...just change it to this:

import Autocomplete from @mui/material/Autocomplete

This is a nice example for your problem try it.

import Tab from '@material-ui/core/Tab'

I guess you are not importing Autocomplete correctly .

For more information Visit here

Import like this.

import Autocomplete from '@material-ui/lab/Autocomplete';

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