I installed gulp globally using this tutorial: https://css-tricks.com/gulp-for-beginners/

When I run "gulp -v" I get:

CLI version 3.9.1

Now I navigate to the root of our Visual Studio 2017 project where our "gulpfile.js" file is. And I try to run >gulp watch.

It says:

C:\Development\DOD-SECO>gulp watch
[16:41:44] Local gulp not found in C:\Development\DOD-SECO
[16:41:44] Try running: npm install gulp

How do I get the global gulp install to run the watch script and watch for SASS to CSS compilations?


I got it to run. But I had to CD to the Content dir where our SASS and CSS folders are even though the gulpfile.js file is on the root of the project. Not sure why yet.

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