I'm using libgdx particle editor to make my particle effects, and I noticed that when the background is black everything is fine but when the background isn't black, or if I render the particle in front of a sprite the particle color is affected.

with black background

with black background

with colored background

enter image description here


ParticleEffect effect = Pools.obtain(ParticleEffect.class);
        effect.load(Gdx.files.internal("effects/myEffect.p"), Gdx.files.internal("effects"));
        effect.setPosition((pos.x - 0.3f) * 30, (pos.y - 6) * 30);


effect.draw(batch, Gdx.graphics.getDeltaTime())

What I'm trying to do is render the particles with its original color even if the background isn't black. Thanks in advance

  • Have you tried setting additive to false on the particle emitter? – dfour Oct 18 '17 at 22:26

Simple, with the editor has an option called "aditive" that is well down, disable it and will have particles with alpha 1.

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