Forgive me I just began to learn to understand Docker. As I knew , Docker used to depend on the LXC. then go to the libcontainer .Now it is Runc(from docker 1.11). which is the implement of OCF(Open Container Format). And also I knew Runc can only run on the Linux. So Runc is the underneath of the Linux docker. My question is What is the equivalent for Linux docker Runc on the Windows docker? Thanks.


Docker on Windows uses the Host Compute Service, via https://github.com/microsoft/hcsshim. The HCS provides an inteface for starting containers on Windows. Microsoft went with this way instead of providing low level APIs because the low level API was evolving, but Docker needed a stable API to build upon.

See this technet article https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/virtualization/2017/01/27/introducing-the-host-compute-service-hcs/ for more information.

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